Saturday, January 3, 2009

A really nice Christmas

This has to be one of the nicest Christmas's I can remember. Jen & Jeremy were here along with my MIL. Everyone was in a good mood. Kids and adults enjoyed their presents and each other. I'm not even sure I can explain it. It wasn't expensive gifts or an over abundance of gifts. It really and truly was being with family and enjoying each other.DSC05011
The kids got Fuzion scooters which they loved DSC05064 DSC05065 As fast as they were going around the pool I thought sure someone would end up in the pool. It was almost me! The boys put their feet in the pool and trust me, it's cold!DSC05068
I have to say the present that brought tears to my eyes was this one... DSC05070
It was painted by non other then my own Jennifer. She and a friend took a painting class in Alabama and I had seen one she did similar to this but with an oak type tree. I fell in love with the colors and said "man, I want one like that but with palm trees." I can't believe she remembered and I absolutely love it. The gifts that mean the most to me are gifts from the heart and hand! They also had it beautifully framed. It's going up in my bedroom and it will look perfect because the look I'm going for in there is night time tropical. How perfect is this?

I also got lots of other great stuff. There were lots of family type gifts. We all got tennis rackets and I got some great family games. My MIL surprised me with this Tinkerbell by Jim Shore which I love. The pups got new PJ's which one loves, one hates but they are so darn cute DSC05029 DSC05026
One of the gifts for my MIL was a frame filled with family pics that we took on Thanksgiving for our Christmas cards. DSC05034 I purposely didn't show them here because I didn't want her to see any of them before she got her gift, but they came out really really good and she was happy with it. We even made a trip down to her house earlier this week and Richard hung it for her.
Seems like I didn't take as many pictures of the kids opening their gifts as I usually do but I think it was just because I was so enjoying the day. And it wasn't over yet....


Miss Healthypants said...

That painting that Jennifer did for you is awesome!--especially the thought behind it--that she remembered you wanted it. I love gifts like that. :)

Miss Healthypants said...

And OMG, the PJ's for the wiener dogs are so damn cute!!!! :)

jillytacy said...

The dog pajamas are adorable especially on little wiener dogs! What cute little grandpups you have!