Saturday, January 10, 2009

Historic Downtown Cocoa

I'm not sure how "historic" it actually is. There is not much in the way of old buildings, great architecture or anything like that but it is a couple of blocks of really great shops and restaurants. I've driven thru it a million times and not had the chance to stop so the other day, while the little kids were spending time with the big kids, Richard and I decided to take advantage of the time and take a stroll thru the village.
They did have some amazing murals painted on the walls of the buildings... DSC05096 DSC05094
The shops had some great stuff. I could have spent a fortune but I showed genuine restraint. I thought these were unusual and cute DSC05099 And I'd love to try doing something like these painted chairs sometime DSC05100 The one thing I did purchase was this flamingo pin, which I just couldn't resist DSC05166
To remind me of this friend I made while walking the streets DSC05101

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Bella said...

Love the pin. I haven't checked out the old shopping district here either...funny how I have been all around but not 'in town' the murals...I'll snap some pics of ours after the weather rizes above 30 degrees! Great fun.