Saturday, January 10, 2009

A few finished projects

I actually took some time, now that the holidays are over, to restraighten my sewing room. DSC05156 DSC05157 Now I can actually walk in there!
While cleaning I managed to finish up a couple of projects. I had this in the works for a while DSC05158 I was making it for Nate but hadn't made enough binding and then couldn't find the rest of the fabric to make more ~ until I cleaned the room. Now it is done and hanging in the boys room along with these... DSC05160 They were actually from Angie's house and since Nate already had this DSC05161 and this DSC05162 it all fits right in.

The other thing I finished was this wall hanging. DSC05169 I have had the top done for about a year and finally took it over to the quilt shop and quilted it on the Handi Quilter. I used a teal/brown variegated thread which kept breaking but the slower I went, the less it broke so I took my time and I think it turned out well. The pattern is from "Happy Hour" quilts from Atkinson Designs. My dining room is a little more put together DSC05167
I want to eventually get a new side board and hutch. We also are planning on getting new shades for the light fixture and put a valance up on the window. It's a work in progress.


Sandra :) said...

I think I want to move into your dining room!! Or your sewing room ... hmmmmmmmm maybe just a little shed in the back? I don't take up much room!!! What a great start to the new year, finishing up two great wallhangings!

jillytacy said...

Oooooh! I love the wall hanging and the table set in the dining room! Nate's room decorations are great, lucky boy! And the stash in your sewing room is enough to make me jealous! Lucky you!

Carol VR said...

Wowsers, that's ALOT of fabric.

Bella said...

Love the DR colors...similar to my living room...doncha love finding stuff?