Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Such a busy week

I know I haven't written in a few days... it's crazy. When you do something worth blogging about, you are too busy to blog. When you are not busy ~ you have nothing to write about! It's been busy busy busy here.
Before I forget... thank you all so much for your well wishes and concerns on the new house being saved from the fire. Here's an aerial photo of the Wexford house taken a while back. You can see where all the trees are East view Right up to (and including) those trees burned! How crazy is that. The good news is that we did get some rain and nothing is smoldering anymore and there was no damage to any of the houses. We are going to sign the papers today for the house. I'm very excited. We went over for a bit this weekend and took some measurements and a couple of photos. This is my new kitchen (photo taken from the family room and the alcove leads into the "formal" dining room. The other door leads to the laundry room and garage. Pretty swanky, huh?DSC02958
Friday afternoon we went to Richard's company picnic which was at the Crown Plaza Hotel on the beach. DSC02940 All the "players" (aka employees) were given company team jerseys, the kids received kites DSC02948and frisbees and slinky's etc. There was much food and drink and a few contests. Here's Nathaniel maneuvering 4 hula hoops for a chance to win tickets to Disney. DSC02930
The company even hired their own life guard. DSC02901 My question was, what if someone NOT from the company started to drowned ~ would he save them too?
Seriously both of the kids had a great time. Julianne is very happy to play just at the water's edge DSC02919 while Nathaniel likes to get right into the roughest of waves . We did let him touch this jelly fish we found DSC02922 but before you get all crazy on me ~ we made sure he knew to only touch the top and leave the underside alone. Do you see how long his hair is getting? DSC02926 I personally like it short but he wants to grow it out (mostly cause his head is so sensitive it hurts when they buzz it) but I figure it's a battle I don't need to fight and besides it might look really cute once it gets a bit longer ~ Look at Cobin Bleu . I mean, come on, how cute is this kid?
My week this week is chock full of "teacher appreciation week" stuff, packing boxes, cleaning the house (it's being shown on Wed). We have a field trip to Wonder Works in Orlando with Julianne's class on Thursday as well as the 5th grade Historical Living Wax Museum Thursday night for which I will leave early enough to get to my first "Meet & Greet" at the quilt shop where I will be teaching later this month.
I will try to get lots of pics to show you all... Until then I will ask once again... So, How was your day?


Trish said...

The house is beautiful and I'm so glad that it was safe from the fire. How scary!

Julie said...

Love the house, especially the pool! I bet the lifeguard would have saved anyone, human nature would kick in lol. How long do you think it would take for his hair to grow out that long? I'm hoping the long hair phase will be over by the time Trevor knows what is "in style" lol.

Debbielou said...

Wow - I need a lie down just listening to your busy week !!

The photos are lovely and the house looks great !

Pattie said...

Whoa, you are one busy gal lately! I'm glad you got some R&R in at the beach.

What are you going to be teaching at the quilt shop? I'm winding down on a beginning quilting 15-week series. It's been great fun!