Thursday, May 8, 2008

Field trips are definitely a "trip"

DSC02969Today was Julianne's class (the whole 3rd grade, really) field trip to Wonder Works in Orlando. Richard and I both went on this trip as they were in need of chaperones and quite frankly we probably could have used more than the 5 we had for our class. Between Richard and I we had 9 kids and let me tell you keeping 9 kids together in a place like this is almost impossible. We did manage to get back to school with all 9 though ~ phew! We took 3 charter buses for the 1 hr trip to Orlando. The kids were really good and we watched "Herbie the Love Bug" ~ the one with Lindsey Lohan. The place itself is great. We've driven by it many times (I mean how can you miss a building that looks like it is upside down?) but hadn't been in. I would love to go again with just our two. There was so much to see and do, we probably missed a lot. Here is Julianne and friends in the hurricane simulator. They went on this a couple of times. DSC02977 And here is most of our kids waiting for the earthquake to start. DSC02979
And Julianne's friend Ashley literally pulling her own weight DSC02981 And here's our entire group as we were leaving for the day. DSC02990 We never got a chance to go on either the roller coaster simulator or the fighter pilot simulator cause the lines were too long (we had something like 140 kids with us) but they looked really cool. I guess that'll be the first thing we hit next time. In any case it was a good trip. I do think I got a couple of more grey hairs when we lost a kid a time or two but only for a minute at a time. I can't imagine not going on a field trip like this cause I'd hate to put my kids fate in someone else's hands but having everyone else's kids fate in my hands is a bit unnerving sometimes but alls well that ends well. Tonight we have the "wax museum" at school for Nathaniel's grade. Boy am I glad the week is almost over! So, how was your day?

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