Thursday, May 8, 2008

History Museum

I know they called it a "wax" museum but it was more of an historical museum. Most of the kids from the 5th grade dressed as historical figures and had memorized a speech telling about their character. They were lined up in the lobby and the halls of the school. It was a great turn out both by the kids and the adults. It was total chaos in the classroom and much ado was made about "Nate" being shirtless (and shoe less) as Squanto. Our class actually had the most participation of all the 5th grade classes. Here are all of ours just before they went out to perform. DSC03006 We had everyone from Paul Revere (without the Raiders) to Betsy Ross and Louisa May Alcott. We do have video of Nate/Squanto giving his speech but my producer (Richard) needs to do some technical work on it first! DSC03007
The other thing going on at the school was an "Art Fair." Basically it was one piece of Art from each child in a frame that you could buy for $30! Sorry. I love my kids but I can frame their artwork myself for a lot less. Here is Julz' artwork DSC03022 And Nathaniel's DSC03021 If you'll look closely you'll see the fish seems very angry that the turtle is sticking it's tongue out at him. I don't think this scene can end well!
Anyhow that was our day ~ So, how was your day?

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