Sunday, May 11, 2008

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days...

My mother's day started off really great. I had told everyone that from now on, for Mother's day, I would only accept "hand made" gifts. Those really are my favorites and my family really came through this year. On Saturday I got this in the mail from Jen & Jeremy. Jennifer is great at decoupage. DSC03043 Nate painted me this piece DSC03042 and Julianne colored me this wonderful Tinkerbell poster DSC03041 They also made this on my white board DSC03039
My darling husband burned me a few new CD's with some oldies but goodies including Firefall, Pablo Cruise and Atlanta Rhythm Section. He also made us pancakes and sausages for breakfast and because he is such a cutie ~ he made them all in the shape of hearts. AWWWW! DSC03040 And that's why it was the best of days!
Now for the worst of days.... following my own lead I was going to embroider a towel for my MIL for Mother's day so she would have her own towel when she came up for a swim (we also got her a beach cover up). I called my friend and mentor MC and asked about stabilizers since it had been so long since I'd embroidered a towel. Got all the stuff out ~ but the tubes of stabilizers kept falling out of their cubby and I was just having a time getting out the ones I needed. Then I hooped the stabilizer, got the towel stuck to it and realized it was upside down. Had to redo that then finally wiggled it in under the needle and got it snapped down into place (which was a bear to do) only to realize that I had forgotten to put the embroidery bobbin in SO I had to take the whole thing out and do it again. I finally got everything in place and realized I needed to change the needle in the machine to an embroidery needle (remember this is a labor of love!) and I can't get the damn needle out of the machine. It took me forever fighting the machine and having the needle snap a time or two. Finally with the help of some heavy duty plyers I finally get the needle out ~ YEAH ~ put the new one in and guess what??? In wresting to get the other needle out, I've damaged the needle bar somehow and now needles won't stay in! My machine is wrecked! Can't use a machine without needles. Those of you who sew will understand that this machine is my baby! I'm so very upset. Now I can't embroider the towel and even worse ~ can't sew at all on it! The closest service dealer is in Orlando so there is no easy fix here. I was just really bummed. Well better to remember the beginning of the day and forget the end. So, How was your Mothers Day?

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Debbielou said...

What wonderful gifts - home made presents are the best!
Sorry to hear about your machine hopefully you can get it easily fixed.