Monday, May 26, 2008

Has it really been a week?

I know, I'm a slacker but it's been CRAZY here! We are coming up on the last week of school and trying to pack etc. Again proving my point ~ when I have something to blog about, I'm too busy to do it. So, here's a quick recap of the week... Last weekend my friend MaryCatherine came over to sew. Saturday we hit the quilt shops pretty hard although I have to admit I did more damage than she did. We did finally both start work on our Miranda purses DSC03060 We were both using the same line of prequilted fabrics from "Scrap & Sew" in Tampa. I got mine a couple of months ago while I was there but didn't think to look for some coordinating fabrics to go with it. I found lots here that went with it in theory but in real life, not so much. I'm okay with what I have, just not as jazzed. I should have taken a pic of MC's bag. She used the same line only hers is blue/brown with touches of green rather than my green/brown with touches of blue. We found lots and lots of fabric to go with hers. In any case I did work on mine some more this week because despite staying up until after 1:00 am we didn't finish them.
Oh, I also got my hair cut last Friday. I decided with summer coming and the new pool I needed something easier to take care of so here is the new me.. DSC03065 I was on my way out to my first PTO meeting and I'm happy to report that I am now a co-vice president of the PTO. No specific duties but will be doing a lot of computer stuff for them including updating the new PTO place on the school's website. Wish me luck! I'm really liking the other PTO members so that should be fun.
I also finished and mailed out a couple of things. I made this pouch for my niece Danielle who should be giving birth to Abbigale sometime in the next week or so. DSC03063 I put some newborn diapers, travel wipes and butt paste (yes I said butt paste!) in it so she could grab it and go.
I also made this set DSC03062 for my "gift box." I'm trying to make stuff and put it in a box so when I need a gift ASAP I have stuff available without having to stress. I also did an extra wallet & tissue case just like these for an online swap I was participating in. Speaking of that swap ~ Here's the wallet I received.. DSC03087 Isn't it cute? While shopping with MC I actually got a couple of pieces of this line to make myself a purse ~ now I have a wonder wallet to match already!
Richard was off work on Friday so after his massage and my PTO meeting we met the kids for lunch at school. He brought Nathaniel some sushi (all his friends were so impressed) and I forgot to take a pic but I did take a picture of Julz (she got nuggets from Wendy's DSC03069 Yes, dorky child is wearing both mine and Richard's visitors passes and no, I'm not sure what she did to her chin. From what I can gather she scratched it and scratched it until she got this. She's vain enough that it really bothers her though ~ maybe she'll learn.
Well that was our week in a nutshell.


Bella said...

OH MY BARB...I love it when you're busy and then you post it all at once! Your Miranda will lookn great when you're the fabric and colors. and the new 'do' is great! Congrats on VP...Happy Memorial Day!

Dani said...

And a BIG thanks for my little diaper sac! I love it!!! We are being induced on thursday june 5th ( a week from today) at 8 am! Wish us luck! Wish you could be here with us! I love you
Give Uncle Rich,Nate and Julz a big hug and kiss for me too!