Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Update

I hope all of you had a good weekend. I know I did. Richard and I worked in the garage most of the weekend. You see we had a few unpacked boxes ~ and by a few I mean dozens. Some are from the move to this house from the one 4 miles away in Melbourne in 2008.  A few more of them are from the move from Tampa in 2007.  Most, however, are from the move from Raleigh to Tampa in 2002. Yes, we have boxes we haven't unpacked in 8 yrs. How sad is that?  Next weekend there is a community garage sale and we are taking that opportunity to go through all those boxes and see what we can get rid of. If we haven't needed it in the last 8 yrs do we really need it now?
Obviously some of the stuff we will keep. Some of the kids stuff from when they were babies... some old pics, etc. Our house in Raleigh was decorated VERY country ~ mauve, dusty blue... not really my kind of thing anymore so into the yard sale it goes. I don't have any pics of the disaster that is our garage...but trust me when I tell you ~ it's a mess. There are more than a few boxes that we will keep and to that end we have gotten some plastic bins to repack the stuff in.

There is a huge pile relegated to the garage sale and anything that doesn't sell is going to Goodwill.
Speaking of Goodwill... it's one of my favorite places to browse. I don't do the clothes or toys but I do love the housewares. I've gotten some great finds there. One of them was a plain ol' brown sandwich size plate... and here's what I did with it on Sunday night.
After my friend Jill zentangled the clipboard for me I got to thinking.. what else can I zentangle... Obviously you can't eat off it but I think it would look kinda cool up on the wall with one of those plate hangers.

After working on both Sat and Sun we went to Beef O'Bradys for a late lunch/early dinner. Hamburgers and beers never tasted so good. Here's my darling husband all cleaned up.  Isn't he just so cute?  I really got lucky with this guy!  He puts up with so much from me and is so supportive of my "hobbies."   That and he's a really good dad, still my best friend and I adore him.
I also got a bit of sewing done earlier in the week.  I made this cute burpie and bib for a friend of mine's new granddaughter. My embroidery machine has been acting up a bit and really doesn't like these new thick diapers I got ... I had designed a much more detailed design but after breaking 3 needles I stopped at the initial. I still think it looks good.

Today, I saw something I haven't seen in a while..  A sky writer...
I used to see these quite often as a kid, growing up on Miami Beach.  Companies would hire them to advertise for them.   This one seems to be a "private" message.  I couldn't make out the first word but the second word was definitely "LOVE."  Isn't that just the coolest?    Although everytime I see something written in the sky, I automatically think "Beware Dorothy" from the Wizard of Oz!!!

Well that's been my few days...  Oh, and I can tell you that both whales have been received and very much loved by their new families.  And just in case you don't believe me, here's Dottie with her new little girl Abbi ~  Tell me they weren't made for each other!


Sandra :) said...

A few years ago I was given a $hitload of 80's fabric - if I ever see a piece of dusty blue + pink fabric again I WILL SCREAM! I used most of it for tote bags (which I donated to the animal shelter for a fundraiser - I wonder if they actually SOLD those things, or if they used them to line cages? ROTFL!) and pillowcases for the people shelter. I was SO glad to see the end of that pile of UGLEEEEEEEEEE fabric!!!

Dottie looks very content with (the oh so lucky) Abbi ... but I think she misses Swirley ;)

Mary Ann said...

Richard Honey looks as handsome as ever. Please give him a hug from me.
You get a gold star for your purging efforts and the hoarding show won't come knocking at your door. Well at least not for your garage.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love all your crafty projects as usual!

jillytacy said...

I LOVE the plate! It looks amazing!!! The whale looks perfectly happy in it's new home.

I do think you and Richard are both lucky to have each other! He got a good deal in you too! I'm sure he knows it.