Friday, September 24, 2010

Hamburger Cookies

DSC01031Yep, I said "Hamburger Cookies!" Now, before you judge, no actual hamburger was used in the making of these cookies. There is also no baking to make these cookies.  People of all ages will love them and always remember them, just for the sheer novelty of them.
One of my "unofficially" adopted girls (Hi Mayla) brought these to us one Christmas and showed me how to do them.  They've been a favorite ever since.  I used to bring them to the camp counselors every year at the end of the summer as a thank you.
I haven't done them in a while though and Julianne has been bugging me to do them.  I went and got all the supplies and both the kids and Richard had a blast assembling these.  Here's what you do......
DSC01028First thing I do is make the lettuce.   It's just packaged coconut that I put in a bowl with some green food coloring.  Mix it all up until the dye is evenly distributed.  I always use a fresh package of coconut so that it's still moist. Then take a can of white icing (you could make your own but we are taking the easy route here) and divide it into two bowls.  One stays white (it's the mayo) and into the other half I put a few drops of red and yellow food coloring and mix ~ play with the color until you have that "special sauce" color.
Now to assemble... Bottom and top buns are Vanilla wafers.

DSC01022To the bottom bun add some of the special sauce.
  Next, add your hamburger patty which are Grasshopper cookies.  (the icing helps them stick together).  On top your your burger add a bit of the "lettuce."  You want it to hang over the burger a bit so it looks authentic and can be seen.  To the top bun, add a bit of your white icing (mayo) and add it on top of the burger.
Last step is to take a bit of egg white and very lightly brush is on the top bun.  We used a paint brush (the kind that come in those water color kits) and sprinkle on a bit of sesame seeds.   The egg makes the sesame seeds stick and it is colorless and tasteless and yes, I know it's raw egg but it's such a small amount... I used one egg white to make all 72 of these and still had most of it left in the bowl.
They are very little cookies... just a bite or two.  I do store them in the fridge when they are not being eaten.
That's it, you are done!  The kids love to make them, love to eat them and really love to show them off by giving them to friends.  Both kids took enough for their class including the teachers.  Of course the rest they ate!
Anyway... I'd love to hear what you think of these.  Get your family together and make a batch.  The kids preferred to make each cookie individually while Richard and I do more of an assembly line.  Eiether way it's a fun family night for sure!  Don't forget to take pics!DSC01023


CritterLady said...

You won me at "no baking!" :o) Sounds like a fun project for my girls at church during their activity night. Thanks!

Sandra :) said...

I am *SO* making these for my kids (20 & 21) - I know the older one will want to take a batch to work (a construction site) to share with the other guys, LOL!!! Thanks for such a cool cookie-tute!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

How cute!

Miss Healthypants said...

Those are so cute! Now I wanna make them! :)

Jeremy Cox said...


APE said...

Barb! It's me, April (just figured out Google Reader). What are you using for the sesame seeds--is that coconut?
I love these & I can't wait to "try them at home"!! Looks like lots of fun, & so creative.

APE said...

PS tell J, N, & Richard hello :)


These are super cool. I'll have to try them.