Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Garage Sale

We had the community garage sale on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for it ~ nice and cool and since our house faces West, we stayed in the shade all morning.

This was the pile of stuff waiting to be priced.  Took us all night Friday night to get through most of it.

Pretty good turn out but we didn't do all that well. I think most people were out looking for big ticket items like furniture and such and we really didn't have any of that. Most of our stuff was nik-naks and linens and some of the kids stuff. I was really surprised that Julianne's little kitchen didn't sell ~ but then I'm always surprised at what sells and what doesn't.

We made just under $100 ~ not too bad for a morning but I was more interested in getting rid of the stuff. We had intended to take whatever didn't sell over to Good Will but it was a ton of stuff and so we put it back in boxes in the garage. The plan is to go through and pull a couple of boxes at a time and decide on how to dispose of them.

Some of them, like this will go to the consignment store next to where Nate takes his guitar lessons. It's an old floor heater ~ repainted and repurposed to hold a night light. I use a flickering orange bulb to make it look like there is still a fire in it. Very cool ~ but really doesn't go with anything I own anymore.

This yarn will probably go on Ebay to sell

While Julianne's kitchen will get listed on Craig's list.

These linens will go to Good Will for sure though.

The plan is to get the garage to the point where we can actually put the cars in them. Novel thought, right?

Here's the pile of trash we were able to get rid of while going through the stuff getting ready for the garage sale.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sucks you went through all that work and didn't sell much!

Nancy said...

Well, it's a good start and a good goal. That little kitchen is so cute... I would have thought someone would snap it up, too! You just never know. Good luck with lightening the load!

scraphappy said...

Ah, the never ending quest to put/keep a car in the garage. We have a three car version and mostly manage to put two cars away at night. My kingdom for a basement!