Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Tail of Two Whales

DSC01089This is the story of two orphaned whales looking for a home. Swirley dreamed of a home and a little boy he could call his own. But there was a problem. Swirley couldn't swim and he knew no one would want a whale that couldn't swim. He thought he was the only non swimming whale until one day he met Dottie.

DSC01129Dottie (short for Polka dot) also dreamed of a home and a child of her own (she preferred a little girl). Swirley and Dottie became fast friends.

Dottie and Swirley loved playing together and rolling in the grass. Their favorite thing though was looking out at the water. Always wishing they could jump in the cool clear water like all the other whales.

 One sunny day while Swirley and Dottie were dreaming about the children they someday hoped to live with, they came up with a plan. They came up with a way to be in the water even though they couldn't swim. They laid on the raft together, dipping their tales in the water and seeing who could make the biggest splash.

They were very happy and it showed on their faces.

One day a woman came. She knew of two children (just happened to be a boy and a girl) who would love whales of their own. When she saw Swirley and Dottie she knew they were just the whales for her young friends and it certainly didn't matter to her (or to them) that these whales couldn't swim.

Swirley went to live with a little boy in California while Dottie went to a little girl in Alabama... with a kiss good bye they were shipped off to live happily ever after.


Monnik said...

Ha! Very cute!!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

They are so cute!

Nancy said...

These are adorable! I'm sure their new little friends love them.

Sandra :) said...

Awwwwwwwwwww I love a happy ending, heehee!! I was rather hoping that Dottie and Swirley were going to get married and have little whale-lings, but *sigh* now my hopes have been dashed ... I heard Dottie was going out with a ... looks around and then whispers ... with a PORPOISE!!! Her parents are soooooooo ticked off!! ;)

My word verification word is "unsing" - I guess it has heard my singing before, and now can't unhear it ... EVER!! ;)

jillytacy said...

They're adorable and will make their new owners squeal with delight! Are you planning to make anymore?

Miss Healthypants said...

You are too funny, Barb! :) I love your creativity. :)

CritterLady said...

This was brilliant! Not only are the whales too cute for words, but you found the words! Proud of you, Cousin. <3