Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still sewing...

In between everything else ~ I am still sewing away. The Etsy shop is actually doing alright. I'm averaging about 1 or 2 sales a week. Mostly my wallets. I really need to do some more. People really seem to like them.

I have a couple of "Charlie" projects in the works although I screwed up a couple of crib sheets I was doing last week. I guess I was tired and not thinking straight. I was mostly done with them when I realized I cut them both 10" too short! More fabric for the scrap heap I guess.

DSC08784I recently made myself a new purse I took all my favorite things from all the other purses I've done and came up with my own design. Inside pockets including a pen pocket DSC08783 which I now can't live without. It's nice to be able to find a pen in my purse without digging. These side ties DSC08782 give the bag a nicer shape and I like the way they look. The front pocket is roomy and has a velcro closure to stop stuff from falling out.  The perfect place to keep my cell phone so I can grab it quick.  The buttons are purely decorative. I, of course, made a matching wallet.  It's now my very favorite purse and I've already got another one in the planning stages ~ which means I've gotten the fabrics but not much more. Just wait till you see what I come up with.  I think I would like to make a commercial pattern for this one... just got to figure out how to.  Maybe I'll start with my wallet pattern.  Much easier.

DSC08780I also got an order to make this tennis towel.    I hadn't done one of these before but I think it turned out really well ~ and my customer was very happy with it.  She was giving it to the captain of her tennis team.  This might be a great thing to offer on my Etsy shop because the custom embroidery can be done once it's ordered.   Could do golf ones as well.

I need about 30 more hours in each day to get done all the sewing I need/want to do.  Next up are quilted duffel bags for Julz and Nate ~ just in time for us to go on a CRUISE!!!


jillytacy said...

The purse turned out great! If you want help doing a tutorial pattern that you can sell on Etsy let me know, I can help create a PDF. As for commercial patterns I don't know how to go about that, but there must be a way.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's a really cool purse! I pretty much gave up on Etsy. I need to refigure my stuff I think.

Kim said...

Barb, love your purse and I love the fabrics. My favorite color.