Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Has it already been a month?

IMG_0410Can you believe our little Charlie Girl is 1 month old already?? Where does the time go? Rich, the kids and I went up to see her on Saturday which just happened to be her 1 month birthday. Julianne and I had done a little shopping for her this week and we wanted to bring the outfits up before she grew out of them.


The kids hadn't gotten to see her since she was born so I had to compete for "Charlie time" with them.  I think they kinda like her ( A LOT) She and Grampy even took a bit of a nap together on the couch. So cute!

Oh, and look how strong she is already...

Holding her head up like a big girl!!

Jen said she needed more burp clothes so I got to work on a few for her. 

These were so much fun to make ~ I may just have to do some for the Etsy shop.  I think they would go over well.  My favorite so far is the Diaper Diva.  I also have the embroidery to do a Diaper Dude.  How cute would that be with cowboy fabric??

Tomorrow I will be in the sewing room again, working on a little something for a different special little girl who has a big girl birthday coming up... stay tuned!


Cindy said...

Time just seems to fly by when they are little. She is just adorable and look how she can hold up her head. There's no stopping her now.

Melissa said...

She is too cute!! And I definitley think you should add some burp cloths to your Etsy store - they are so cute!

Mary Ann said...

You should send three of the diaper diva's to Jay McGraw c/o The Doctors and his wife and her sisters can hawk them for you along with their swaddling cloth. You're the bestest bestie.

jbcwriter said...

I LOVE the Charlie one!!! Too cute!

Miss Healthypants said...

Happy 1-Month Birthday to Charlie-Girl! :) :)

jillytacy said...

Charlie looks so sweet! The burp cloths are gorgeous!