Friday, November 6, 2009

My Birthday Came Early

Thanks to Lisa ~ I won this wonderful wall hanging from her. Looks like it was made for this spot, doesn't it. And her work is just beautiful. Such great tiny stitches. You should definitely check out her blog. Lisa, you've made my day once again ~ Thank you!

I've been super busy working on stuff for the craft sale at the PTO Night of The Arts. It's all starting to come together. I've had people reserve 6 tables so far. I'd like to get 20 or so reserved. I'd like everyone to have lots of cool hand made crafts to choose from. I'm doing my screen bags, coaster sets, the travel pillow cases and my latest addition are these
I'll probably put some in the Etsy shop too. So far my favorite is the circus one. I've got another 11 in various stages of completion including some cute "girly" ones. Julianne is already trying to figure out which one she wants to steal. I think with the economy people are looking for less expensive gifts so I'm trying to keep my prices down. I think these will be big sellers. Perfect to keep little hands busy at restaurants or on car trips. I'm selling them for $10. and they come with the pad and colored pencils. What do you think? I count on you all to give me your honest opinions.

On even better news, Nate's grades have taken a giant leap upwards. The "F" that he got in Language Arts last period is an "A" so far this quarter. He's really started buckling down and getting his act together. We still have to stay on top of him but for now, it's all good.

Richard is still working crazy hours ~ poor man hasn't had a weekend off in several weeks. He's hoping not to work this weekend though. At least on Sunday since his mom is coming up.

Jennifer is in Reno this weekend presenting a paper at a conference. I'm so proud of her. She's thrilled to be in chillier weather. It's been brutally hot here in Fla. although today it actually is cool enough to wear shirts with sleeves. I guess that means our pool time here is done for the year ~ how sad is that?


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love the notebook holders!

It's been pretty warm here too, we had a week of sleeves and now back to shorts and t shirts.

Dani said...

Ok the color and pad things are great! You have a great niece who would just love that!! :-) and a Niece who would also! :-)