Saturday, November 21, 2009

Skipping ahead to the present

I was going to wait till the end of my "Story of Me" posts for this one.. Remember the surprise ending I promised? Well I just can't wait anymore so we are gonna skip ahead in my life to right now.

My life so far, with all it's ups and downs has been a wonderful life. I wouldn't trade it for anything and I plan on having lots and lots of adventures to write about in my future.. which brings me to the inspiration to write all this stuff down... the next chapter of my life.

I'll bet you can all guess what this is..
Baby Cox
That's right ~ It's my GRANDCHILD!

No, we don't know whether it's a boy or a girl. Jen & Jeremy have chosen to wait to find out. Yes, it's driving me absolutely insane ~ but I completely respect their decision to wait. Jen is due in the last half of April and I couldn't be more excited.
I know some soon-to-be grandmothers freak out and think of it as a sign of aging ~ but me, I've always wanted and looked forward to being a grandmother. Being a mom is hard ~ being a grandmother is the reward for all that hard work.

I completely look forward to this next phase in my life and promise to keep you updated on Jen's progress. I went up to Jacksonville on Thursday. Jen invited me up to go to her ultrasound with her. It was so amazing. The little jelly bean was waving at us all. After the ultrasound she went into the other room for her check up and even though it wasn't scheduled, they let us hear the heartbeat since I had driven all that way.
Jen thought I would cry and I did get a bit choked up when I heard the baby's heart beat but mostly I felt completely calm and serene. I knew this was what I have been waiting for, for a very long time.

I'll leave you with a pic of the expectant mom and dad, waiting to go in for the ultrasound. DSC07530
No belly pics just yet cause even though she's almost half way there, she's not really showing yet. She has been feeling the baby move for a few weeks now. Boy, is she gonna have her hands full!


Carla said...

How precious. Congratulations. :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I had my Mom and my Grandma both come for my first ultrasound with Jessica. They were so excited! She was the first of the next generation :) Congrats on being a Grandma! I never understood people wanting to be called things besides Grandma!

Bella said...

I KNEW it...I just KNEW it! Congrats ...I so love being a 'nonny...and we had 3 almost at once!

Miss Healthypants said...

Wow, congrats, Grandma-to-be! :)