Saturday, April 28, 2012

Remembering the Good Times

So today would have been my sister Joey's 61st birthday.  I think the first birthday that a loved one is no longer with you is always the hardest.  I wrote about her here.

I still think of my sister~in~law Mary, who's 56th birthday would have been yesterday.   You can read about her here

But rather than focusing on the sad ~ I'd like to focus on the good times.   Joey and I had many.    Quite a few of them revolve around past friend and lounge lizard Mark Palmer.  Mark was a one hit wonder with a song called "Take a Little Time Out Girl."   When Joey met Mark, he was singing at clubs in Miami.   Soon I was tagging along and he now had a few other musician's with him.  The Mark Palmer Trio consisted of Mark, his bass player Nat and drummer Rocky.  They were actually quite good and we spent many an evening at clubs listening to them and becoming good friends all around.   Eventually Joey's friend Julia and her sister (my eventual sister in law) Mary came along with us. Mary and I being the same age and the tag-along little sisters became great friends.  It was always a challenge to see who could out drink who.  While there was always a lot of drinking involved it was more about laughter and friendship.

There was one night when Joey and I were at her apt getting ready to head out to the club for the night.  Both in good moods and singing "Pencil Thin Mustache" by Jimmy Buffet only not quite in tune, I'm sure.  What we lacked in skill and pitch we made up for in volume.   What we didn't think about were the open windows that lead out to the middle of the complex and pool ~ where so very many residents were collecting and apparently listening to the free concert we provided.   It wasn't until we walked out onto the sidewalk (on the 2nd floor) facing into the pool and courtyard to a standing ovation and applause that we realized what was happening.

Joey being ever gracious, gave a bow while I just stood there red faced, trying to shrink into oblivion!  It is these times I will never forget and always be grateful for.

So Happy Birthday to Joey and to Mary.  I'm sure they are somewhere having a drink together and still singing at the top of their lungs.  I miss you both.

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