Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Fun Clutch Purse to Make

So I've found a new to me pattern that I just love. It's called "Keep The Change" by Stitchin Sisters.
 It's a clutch bag with several compartments, pockets and a magnetic snap closure. It also has a back pocket that has a snaps shut by using a metal tape measurer.

 I had a couple of issues in the beginning but I think it was more about me than the pattern. I even called Rosemary from Stitchin Sisters who was more than happy to help me out. Once I knew what I was doing these bags were quick and fun to make. I've actually made three already.

The green/black and white one is my first and I've kept it.
The pink with the yellow owl was for an owl swap I did recently. I had a hard time sending that one off ~ so much so that I may have to make another one for myself.
And lastly the teal with the bird was for my friend Mary Ann's daughter, Hannah. She picked out the fabric and it turned out really good.
They are a great size with a nice handle. Perfect for when you just need your keys, wallet, etc. I will definitely be making more.


MaryAnn said...

Hannah loves her purse. I have new patterns to send you.Just have to get past the next week to have time to breathe for 5 seconds before the second wave hits.

Beeshebags said...

Well done on the owl clutch, I saw it over on Crafty Bits and came over for a look see at the rest of your blog....apparently I've been here before as I signed up to follow....pity there's not enough hours in the day to keep up with everyones blogs and sew too!

Gonna stay a while and have a better look around.