Friday, April 27, 2012

Just call her Tinsel Teeth

So look who's got braces now...

While she already had a beautiful smile there were some issues with her canine teeth so we went to Northern Virginia Orthodontics last week. They were all so very nice.

From Lisa, the financial coordinator who gave us lots of options and made it all pretty painless,

 to Jill our hygienist who sang through Julianne's treatment ~ and from what I hear she's pretty good.  Good enough to have been on American Idol!

Also wonderful was Dr. Casagrande himself .  He made all of us, especially Julianne feel very comfortable.  He has young children himself and knows just how to make them feel special.

While getting braces is never great fun, it really was pretty painless.  Actually the whole process really was physically painless.   Yes, she was a bit sore the next day, which they told her she probably would be but it was manageable and within a couple of days she was just fine.

The whole process took less than a half an hour.  Julz was a bit concerned because one of her friends in Fla that got braces was given multiple injections in their gums prior to braces.
Here they are actually glued on to her teeth.
First, they put this blue numbing agent on your teeth.  See the cool shades she's wearing?  It's to protect her eyes from the ultraviolet light they use to set the adhesive.  After that it's really just a matter of placing the braces on each tooth, running the wire thru and then putting on the brackets.  The brackets are the fun part.  They get changed out every time you see the orthodontist and come in fun and funky colors.  Julz picked pink and purple ones for her first time.   We go back again in the beginning of July and she'll get them changed out then.

Her only real problem is not getting to chew gum for the foreseeable future.  If only that was my biggest problem!
They also have lots and lots of reward programs to keep the kids on track ~ all in all a great experience and if you are in the Northern Virginia area and in need of an orthodontist ~ I highly recommend this one!


MaryAnn said...

She should adhere to the no gum thing. Hannah is my gum chewer and she did just fine and she has gorgeous teeth now. I have not heard of this shots in the gum thing, but glad it went so smoothly for Julz.

APE said...

Love the braces, J!