Saturday, October 16, 2010

Casa de Crazy

Has it really been 10 days since I've posted here? Actually it seems longer... not only haven't I posted, I haven't read any of my normal blogs either ~ I miss you guys. I really need to catch up but it's been abnormally crazy here. Most of it good crazy and really busy crazy.
DSC01229Jen & Charlie were here for a few days last week ~ was it last week? No, it was actually the week before. Time is just getting away from me. Having Jen and Charlie here is wonderful. It's amazing having all three kids here... and then there is Miss Charlie ~ she just gets cuter and cuter. She is saying "mama" now. How crazy is that? She's not even 6 mos yet. She's also starting to reach for people. Can you imagine how my heart soars when she puts those little arms out for me? DSC01220
DSC01255I've been doing a little sewing for her. Some bibs (thanks for the push Sandra) and a burpie. DSC01162 DSC01165 My favorite is this dress. DSC01261 I have to thank my darling niece Danielle for the pattern. It's super simple and so much fun. I want to make a million of these. I haven't seen it on her yet. Hopefully Jen will send a pic soon. I made this one for App (Appalachian University in Boone, NC) games.DSC01259 matching bib too!

Grampy loves having Charlie here as well. DSC01249 We could spend days like this!

I have a friend in the hospital. It's a crazy story. Not to scare you but it all started when she had a colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago. About a week or so after she called and asked me to take her to the doctor. She was in a lot of pain. They diagnosed her with a bladder infection, gave her a script for some antibiotics and sent her home. Next day she calls and asks me to take her back to the doctor, the pain is so much worse. I go pick her up and strongly suggest we go to the emergency room instead. She is in terrible pain. I wait with her until her husband gets there. Then it's off to pick up her children from various schools, etc. Turns out there is a "perforation" in her colon. Even though the doctor did snip a bit of something to test, he says it's not related ~ REALLY? So the treatment is that she stays in the hospital for a week, no food or drink. They think the "tear" is small enough to heal itself ~ no biggie. Wrong! She's now back in the hospital again ~ this time different hospital and more importantly different doctor. They performed a 5 hr surgery in which they removed 5" of her colon and her appendix which has been infected and tried as much as they could to clean out the rest of the waste that has been leaking into her body cavity through the perforation! She is one sick puppy. I've been up to see her a few times. She is doing much better. We even went for a little walk around the hospital floor yesterday. They are hoping to send her home on Monday. It'll be a while before she is back to what passes for normal. Crazy, right?

Nate is still doing guitar lessons, wishing they were drum lessons. He plays drums for the school band. DSC01243 They played at the high school football game last week along with the high school band. Great band ~ terrible football team. Nice night out. Charlie loved all the noise and activity.

Julianne's been moved up a level in gymnastics as of next week.DSC01263 This means an hour and a half instead of an hour and she's now on the same night as Nate's guitar lesson. Need to get that moved ASAP.

Even though I'm off the PTO board (phew!) I'm still chairman of the "Night of the Arts" which is coming up in December and co chair of the yearbook committee. Not too much work fortunately but there have been meetings. "Lost" my camera for half a week (it accidentally went home with Jen) and felt naked without it!

So, like I said, it's been a bit crazy lately but I'll try to be better... I think some of my mojo got lost along the way. I have another crazy busy fun week ahead..
Stay tuned!


Sandra :) said...

Cute projects for the ever-adorable Miss Charlie - I'm glad you got the Halloween bibs done - now it's time to start working on Christmas ones ... ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!! Just a suggestion!!! ;)

jillytacy said...

What a sweetie! The picture of Charlie is so cute! it sounds like you have been crazy busy, I hope it slows down soon!
By the way I finished my shoe project. I love how they turned out! I hope to blog about it this week.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love that first picture of Charlie, too cute!! Sounds like you have been as busy as us lately!

Miss Healthypants said...

I have to tell you, Charlie is one of the absolutely cutest babies I've ever seen---sooo adorable! *smiles*

Oh, and your friend's colonoscopy "complication" is way crazy! Poor girl!!!!

Anna said...

I love the App. stuff!!