Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween

Even though it's been a bit crazy around here I did manage to make myself a new purse ensemble for Halloween. I just couldn't resist the owls on the purple background. Their eyes are supposed to glow in the dark but they don't really ~ but I'm okay with that.
I did a snap bag and wallet to match.

I've had so many comment and compliments on this set.  One of the teachers that I ran into at the nail salon asked me if I would consider setting up some bags in the teachers workroom to sell.  Don't think I'll have time to get them done by Halloween but there is always Thanksgiving and Christmas to think about, right?  Any one else out there need a bag?
Julz & I both got our nails done in celebration. It's funny we started out with two different colors. Hers was just like you see it, a medium purple. I started out with a really dark purple and then had them add a layer of lighter pearl purple and we ended up with the same color. I think I may go back and have spider webs drawn on mine! Halloween is just so much fun!

We will actually be staying here for Halloween. Jen, Jeremy & Charlie will be coming here for Charlie's first trick or treat outing and I'm making a special bag just for her. Of course you and I both know who will be eating all her candy!

Oh, and not to be left out ~ this bag is in the works for Julianne! Hopefully I'll finish it before Halloween!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Super cute bags!! I have been wanting to get creative more but hmmm don't have the time lol.

Sandra :) said...

I bet you don't get snow very often on Halloween - it's been known to happen here every once in a while, lol! Love the bags and the purple nails!

jillytacy said...

You should definitely put bags in the teacher's workroom. I'd buy them! Have lots of fun with Charlie this Halloween!

Danielle said...

I need a fall diaper bag... like the one you made me before.. I have worn it out!

Mary Ann said...

Love the owl fabric. And I just got rid of my purple on my toes. Keep the purple for October 20. A good way to wear purple for this day.

Miss Healthypants said...

The owl bags are sooo cute! :)