Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Story of Me ~ Part 4 ~ From Mr. Right Now to Mr. Right

I know it's been a while since I've posted the continuation of "The Story of Me." It's actually hard for me to write. It is difficult to know how much to write and what to leave out. I believe everything that happens in your life leads you to where you are now so while it's all important ~ I think the condensed version is a better option here.

So when we last left off, I had lost my mom, my grandmother and my job. I got a new step mom and a new job. Life was changing and changing fast. Remember I also said that I made the decision not to date ~ well I started to rethink that decision. Because my children, parental units and various other relatives read my blog, I'll spare you some of the more gory details.

Let's just say that not dating wasn't very fulfilling for a woman about to turn 30. I still didn't want to be "involved" with anyone but hey, who says you can't "date" and still stay uncommitted.

About this time I became friends with "K." Her daughter and my daughter were good friends and we kept ending up at all the same kiddie parties. Turned out she was also divorced and childless on the weekends. She was fun and outgoing and really seemed to know all the best restaurants and clubs. Her family had money and she had connections. They even had their own place on one of the small islands in the Bahamas where Jen and I spent a wonderful week during the summer. Anyway, Jen's dad would always pick Jen up from school on Friday and I would get her back from him on Sunday. So Friday after work I would head to "K"'s and it was an adventure until Sunday morning when I would pick Jen up and resume my normal life.

The clubs in Miami didn't start happening until about midnight and didn't close until 6am. I have to admit we closed a few clubs on those weekends. We met some crazy people. Some very wealthy people with access to private clubs and private rooms in clubs. We drank champagne and we danced the weekends away. We met and partied with some questionable people as well. I'll make a long story short here and say that it was a very crazy time in my life. I'm glad I experienced it and survived and I'm really glad it's over.

I was still working for the computer equipment company and my boss had hired the aforementioned cutie pie who, as fate would have it, had an office right across from mine. He took great delight in listening to my phone conversations with "K" and hearing all about our escapades. He and I became fast friends. We would talk for hours about all kinds of things. He was 5 yrs my junior and leading a pretty sheltered life. Not to say he hadn't had adventures of his own but he was an innocent compared to me. I remember one particular conversation where he told me that he would like to marry and have children. My reply to him was, "Been there, done that ~ never gonna do it again." Little did I know.....

Here's a pic of us with the crew of the computer equipment company shortly after we started dating.  We kept our relationship a secret for a bit and so they still didn't know about "us" yet.

Our first date (Dec 5th 1986) came after a company night out. We left together out of mutual annoyance with others ~ talked pretty much through the night before deciding since there would probably be rumors about us leaving together we might as well turn a rumor into a reality. The rest is history. We moved in together within a month and married a year to the day of our first date ~ December 5th 1987.

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Miss Healthypants said...

Wow, you have lived QUITE a life, Barb!! I am interested to hear more. :)