Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another winner from "The Pioneer Woman"

The other night I made The Pioneer Women's Pico De Gallo (pg 16 from her cookbook).
DSCN1369 I served it with some tortilla chips and it was gone so fast I had to make a second batch ASAP.  I could have eaten it all myself but I would have had to beat off Julianne first. 

The next night I made her Tequila-Lime Chicken which she blogged about here. I had planned on making it the night before but didn't pay attention to the part where you marinate it overnight. Silly me! It was delicious.  My pics don't do it justice ~ mostly cause I killed my normal camera and the back up sucks! But trust me ~ this was fantastic. I didn't do the black beans, just cause I don't like them. But I did serve it with my own spanish rice and more Pico De Gallo. As you can see Nate gave it a big "two thumbs up."  And no, as much as he would have liked it, he didn't get a beer with his ~ which, by the way, went perfectly with this meal.

I also set some of the Pico De Gallo aside and mixed some avocado with it ~ OMG! It was pure heaven. Richard even put some of the left overs on his hot dog tonight and said it was really good on that too.

It was really not hard to make. I used my chopper to chop up the ingredients and it went together really fast. The only problem I had was with the limes. For some reason all the limes in the grocery store are really dry so I supplemented with some lime juice, which I always keep on hand.

This will definitely be made again (and again!) 


lesthook said...

Nate is so cute! I love the quilt behind him. My sister makes wonderful pico de gallo too. Yummm!!!

Sandra :) said...

*drool* I'm coming to your house for supper - turn on that porchlight, woman!!! ;)

Miss Healthypants said...

Dang, that sounds really yummy! :)