Friday, June 18, 2010

Inspired by the Pioneer Woman

A couple of nights ago we had a little soiree here at the house. Some of my fellow census workers and I were getting together to celebrate the end of phase 1 of our jobs with a margarita party. We had decided to do this out on the pool deck since I have plenty of room there. I do have to tell you though, despite having the overhead fans on high, it was really really hot. The night before it cooled down so nicely and we had a beautiful breeze. Not so this night.

My friend and coworker TT brought her blender and the margarita fixins.Man, she makes a mean margarita!  I made a double batch of the Pioneer Woman's Pico De Gallo that I talked about here This batch turned out much hotter that the last which is really a good thing ~ I think I've been getting some jalapeno duds the last few times.

It went over really well but I did have some left over. Now you know I can't just let this go to waste so I thought "WWRD ~ what would Ree do?" And here's what I came up with. The PERFECT eggs!
I threw a little in the pan and heated it until most of the liquid was gone DSC00089 Scrambled up a couple of eggs and threw that in DSC00090 and Voila ~ A great, tasty breakfast. DSC00091 Served it with some toast and fresh orange slices on the side. Perfection. Thanks again Ree!

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Trish said...

Sounds yummy (esp the margie part), even though I live in Texas and claim to not like pico (I think that's against the law here), I have a feeling that my mind would be changed by PW.

Love the blog's new look!