Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love A Great Bargain

I'm not what I would consider a great shopper. I grudgingly go to the grocery store cause I have to feed the family. I really don't like malls. They can be too crowded and most of the stores are very overpriced. For most of my non grocery needs I tend to shop at Target (I HATE WALMART with a passion). For clothes though, I really prefer going to Kohl's. They usually have really cute clothes and their prices are not bad at all.

I recently went to get the kids a few things. We've got a cruise coming up and I had to get Nate some "dress" slacks and shirts. I only do this when he actually needs them cause I can guarantee he'll wear them once and before we have an occasion for him to wear them again, he'll outgrow them. Anyhow... I got some great buys for both him and Julianne (and a little something for Charlie as well!)

So a couple of days later I went back to Kohl's. I wanted to get a blouse for myself to wear with my favorite black skirt. I got the perfect blouse, a necklace, matching earrings AND a lightweight black sweater. Guess I how much I spent? $11.70! Yep, I said $11.70.  Here's the proof.  A picture of my sales receipt!  Between the sales  ~ the sweater was 90% off so my $40 sweater cost me $4.00 and the fact that I had $20.00 in Kohls cash  ~ For every $50 you spend you get $10 in Kohls cash and thanks to my previous shopping trip I got $20. ~  AND I got a $10 coupon in the mail.   Now that's what I call a great bargain. I saved $102.96!!!

Next we were on to Payless for dress shoes for the boy ~ cause again, he'll wear them once or twice before he outgrows them.   $30 for very acceptable dress shoes and since they had their BOGO sale going on he also got a pair of tennis shoes for $15.00.  Of course I needed to be rewarded for all this hard sale shopping so when I spotted the cutest pair of slip ons with the smallest of heals marked down from $28. to $7. and remember BOGO so I got TWO pairs.  One in black and one in off white for a total of $10.50  S-C-O-R-E!!!

Here's the outfit DSC00094  The matching purse and wallet are my designs.    Shall we take a closer look? DSC00095
I think they compliment the outfit nicely without being too matchy. I'm really loving clutch bags these days. When I'm dressed up and only want to carry my keys, phone, camera and a few other essentials, they are perfect.

So, while I'm not a super shopper, I think I got some pretty super bargains!


andsewon said...

That is awesome shopping for sure!! I really need to go look for couple dresses also shoes. Just hate it cause have to try on everything,as my body does not have a size that fits all, so hot and humid. YUCK.
So glad we do not have to shop for kids anymore.

Joyce said...

You are a bargain hunter after my own heart. Well done. I find a lot of great deals at our local thrift shop. I often find new clothes there with the tags still on.

jillytacy said...

Great purse and wallet! I hear you on shopping and getting ready. I'm getting ready for a cruise too. Where are you heading?

Miss Healthypants said...

Damn, girl! $11.70?? Wow!! :)

You wanna go shopping sometime in Chi-town? I could use some cheap stuff! *smiles*