Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's post brought to you by the color Green

Happy St. Patrick's day to all of you out there in Bloggy land.
I've always loved this day. I love corned beef and cabbage (yes, even the cabbage).DSC08424 I love that I am of Irish heritage. I love a holiday that's about drinking green beer and getting drunk! I also happen to love the color green.

So, here are a few green things that I'm loving today. The family, of course!DSC08421 DSC08400 DSC08399
Some green buttons.DSC08405
My cute little green bunny who is happy that spring is here.DSC08411
Can't live without a green flamingo.DSC08413
The queen of green ~ Tinkerbell.DSC08414

Last but not least... my newest project.DSC08407 It's a screen bag made from selvage edges ~ green ones, of course! I've been wanting to make a selvage project for a while and thought I'd start with something I knew. Since I've made probably more than 100 of these bags I thought it would be the best place to start. I really enjoyed doing it and think the green yo-yo's and buttons are the perfect finishing touch.

Oh and one more green thing... DSC08433
Key Lime pie for dessert.  What else would a good Irish Floridian have for dessert?


Sandra :) said...

LOVE the bag - I knew you'd come up with an amazing design, and you DID!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love the green flamingo!

Miss Healthypants said...

OK, now I want key lime pie. How the heck do you make that stuff (key lime pie)? Is it easy at all? :)

Monnik said...

That green flamingo is so cute!

Love the pictures!

Anya said...

I saw your bag on the Selvage Blog. Cool.

Thanks for commenting on my blog --I couldn't answer you directly since your profile is set on "no reply".