Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home of the Brave

Friday and Saturday my local quilt shop, "The Quilt Place," did something very cool.

They asked customers to bring in their unwanted quilt-shop-quality fabric and for every yard, donated you would get a coupon for a dollar off a yard of new fabric. Then, all the yardage donated would be sold at $2.00 a yard. The profit from all this is going to "Home Of The Brave Quilts".

"Home of the Brave Quilts" is a grassroots organization that makes and gives quilts to the families of fallen soldiers. I believe this all started in Redlands, CA but has spread all across the country.

I think I did my part this weekend by donating...are you ready for this.... 100 yards of fabric!!!
I now have $100 in coupons to buy new fabrics. It honestly was stuff I wasn't going to use anyway and helped clear up my fabric shelves just a little bit (honestly it didn't make much of a dent ~ how sad is that?) Richard came with me to bring the box of fabrics in, and as we were walking in, he said "Do I really want to know how much this box has cost us?" I told him he really didn't want to go there and to just not think about it!

He is a good sport about all of it and the ladies at the shop got a giggle out of him being at the store. He really does appreciate the beauty of quilts though and supports me in what I do.

So, do you want to see what 100 yds of fabrics look like??? DSC08455

Ya know, the hardest thing about giving away the 100 yds of fabric ~ not cutting off and keeping all the selvage edges!

And here's my nice, neat and clean shelf!

See, I still have room for that $100 worth of fabric I have coupons for.

And here's my shelf I haven't tackled yet


Maybe I can get to it this week.

In any case, I think this was a win/win for everyone involved.

You may want to contact your local guild and see if they are doing "Home of the Brave Quilts."

It's a great cause!


Needled Mom said...

hanks so much for visiting. are the gal that I need to know so I can steal that FABULOUS green selvage bag!!!! I just LOVED the idea.

I would say that it was definitely a win win situation. Our guild does the Home of the Brave quilts here in CA and it is always touching when we receive a letter from the family of the fallen soldier. I am sure many tears are shed on both sides.

Sandra :) said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I see lots of fabric that would look great for .... oh ... I don't know ... a WHALE, maybe??!!! ;)

Mary Lou Weidman said...

I wish any of my shelves looked like this! Great job...but it always gets messed up once you start sewing and pulling again....arghhhh.