Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer learning

Richard and I decided we'd really like to keep the kids thinking over the summer so we came up with some "work" for them to do ~ along with goofing off and lounging in the pool. Today's assignment will be about music. They will be asked to pick a song they like. Go on the computer and find the words to the song as well as who it was written by, sung by etc. The second part of the assignment will be to write a page on what they think this song is about in their own words. Do they think it's sending a good message or not? Should be interesting. We've got quite a list of "assignments" for them to work on over the summer. I've tried to make them as fun as possible and have incorporated doing research (which they are both bad at), as well as reading, math, science, history, geography etc. I'll let you know how it goes.
Oh and Nate has started off the summer with a new hair cut. Nice and short.DSC06494 Julianne, on the other hand refuses to cut hers. I can't blame her really, she's got amazing hair.DSC06501

Well, I'm off to get some sewing done while the kidlets are still asleep!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sounds like plan!

Anonymous said...

The older he gets, the more I see a dark-eyed, dark-haired version of his mother looking back at me.
He's a beautiful boy!

Miss Healthypants said...

I can't believe you're making them actually THINK during the summer--what a mean mommy!

LOL--I'm kidding! I think it's great that you're making them think...and I'm sure they have plenty of time to run around and have fun, too. :)