Sunday, June 14, 2009

A nice lazy weekend

There was a ton of stuff I wanted to accomplish this weekend ~ after all my BFF is coming to visit on Monday ~ but then I realized she's coming to see me and not how tidy my house is (Thank goodness) so we played instead!
I got a new pool toy ~ a floating chair, complete with not one, but two drink holders. DSC06542Whoever made this chair knows me so well. Richard liked my new toy so much I'm gonna have to go get him one too so I can use mine.
As you can see the kids got some new water blaster toys as well. DSC06548 That thing blasts a long way ~ no one is safe at the pool now... and Nate is enjoying that just a bit too much. And here's Nate using my new chair in his own "unique" way while Richard sleeps floats the day away. DSC06538

I have been getting a bit of sewing done but need to get the pictures off my camera and on the computer. I promise to show you some new cool stuff soon!

Kids start camp tomorrow and they are very excited. Both of them have friends going to the same camp and Nate is now in the "teen" camp. The teens go on field trips every day. This week's trips are the batting cage, the beach, a juggling show, kayaking and an aquatic center. Julianne's group will also go to see Mark Nizer (the juggler). There are some cool videos of him out there on YouTube. I wouldn't mind seeing him myself. Oh, and there is a Talent show at the end of the week. Too fun! Me, I'll be having my own fun. Mary Ann will be here and I've got lots of fun stuff planned.... pictures and stories to follow!


Anna said...

looks like so much fun!! love the new chair!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Now THAT'S the way to spend the weekend!

Miss Healthypants said...

Hey, where can I get one of those floating chairs with two drink holders??--awesome!! :)

Iwanski & I will be housesitting for his sister for a week, in the suburbs, in July--she has a beautiful outdoor pool, by which I plan to drink many margaritas. *smiles*