Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunday in Raleigh

Sunday in Raleigh was spent visiting more old friends and old places. This is the house we lived in when we lived there. DSC06047 It's not changed too much. I think we had a lot more grass than there is now ~ but it was a struggle to keep up. Actually I know we did cause I remember mowing it! The other thing that's no longer there is there was a enclosed area around the trees. Lots of azaleas and stepping stones thru the area leading to the bench. It was a nice little place to sit and stay cool under the trees.
What's really new is this CRAZY neighbor. DSC06050 I'm fairly certain he didn't live in the neighborhood when we were there. I think I would have noticed. He's got all these strange sculptures in his yard and the weirdest of all were all the pure white mannequins in the yard. Some whole, some not-so-much DSC06049 Also you might notice in the first picture ~ the man is wearing a skirt. Not a kilt, but a nice little pleaded skirt and no shirt. Goes nicely with the cowboy hat, doncha think? The neighbors must love this dude!
Julianne and Hannah were sure he was gonna come after us when MaryAnn stopped the car in front of his house and I proceeded to snap a few pictures!
Next stop was driving by the YMCA in North Raleigh where I worked for the 10 yrs we lived there.DSC06054 And for you American Idol fans, this is the same YMCA that Clay Aiken worked at! We even drove past where his mom used to live, just so Julianne could say she did. The "Y" has grown in leaps and bounds. I didn't go in cause there's really not many people there I care to see anymore.
Lastly we met our friend Ann (Auntie Ann to the kids) for lunch at Char Hut for yummy burgers. Here's the whole gang... Mary Ann, her daughter Hannah, Me, Ann and Julz DSC06059 Ann was very much a part of our Raleigh family and it was good to be able to catch up with her again.
Sunday night MaryAnn's husband cooked me the most delicious steaks ever. I've been dreaming about it ever since the last time I was there... DSC06066 I made him my Avocado salad to say thanks. I think we were both happy.
Julianne and Hannah got some down time just to visit DSC06065and play with their little dog, Manny DSC06061
Then it was back to the train where Julianne slept really well and I, well, didn't. It was good to be back home though ~ Thanks for coming along with me!


Buck said...

Those steaks look incredible!

You should have invited the crazy neighbor over for dinner.

On second thought, no.

Miss Healthypants said...

That neighbor-dude looks like he has his share of crazy! :)

Hey, how do you make your avocado salad?

mom23boys said...

Okay - guy in the skirt?? I can only say thank GOD for deed restricted neighborhoods.

BTW, Hannah sure is growing up to be a beautiful girl.