Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quite a storm

Today we had one of the strangest storms I've ever seen ~ actually most of Florida did although Rockledge (where I live) got the strongest wind gusts coming it at 64 mph. Dude, that's nothing to sneeze at! Anyway... I was sitting at the computer with the TV on next to me and had been hearing about storms all over the place and only half listening until I actually heard them say "Rockledge." This is very unusual since all our news comes out of Orlando which is about an hour away. We are not usually a blip on their radar. Kennedy Space Center which is about half an hour north of us, especially since the shuttle is out on the pad and sometimes even Melbourne which is the "big" city next to us but NEVER Rockledge. Seems the storm was coming right at us. I looked out the window and sure enough ~ it was BLACK outside and the storm came in fast. The wind was blowing, the rain was coming down in buckets. Now, what the heck is that noise in the front of the house. Sounded like someone was throwing rocks at the window ~ Well sort of ~ it was hailing DSC06137
Next thing I hear is reports of a tornado and to get into your "safe place" now! I got in the laundry room which has no windows but I could still see the TV. Stuff was blowing everywhere DSC06139 but fortunately no tornado here. Once it calmed down (which it did all of a sudden) I went outside and shot this video. That is the preserve behind our house. Oh, and here's Sadie the brave watch dog during the storm DSC06152
Alls well that ends well though. The day ended with this sunset... DSC06162
And just so you know... that is a "true" picture ~ no special lenses or settings or anything. It really was that orange.
This one was taken with a flash but it washed a lot of the color out DSC06154
Pretty cool, huh?
Wishing you beautiful sunsets without the crazy storms!


Mom Taxi Julie said...


Sandra :) said...

YIKES is right!! I think both you and Sadie went into the right spots to wait it out! Gorgeous sunset afterwards - isn't Mother Nature a tease?!

Becky said...

Glad to hear everything is OK. We also had the storms but nothing like you did. Poor Sadie.. She's like my 13 yr old Boots..he crawled under the bed at the first sound of thunder. Beautiful sunset!

Jeremy Cox said...

Very pretty.

Sadie is your Oscar. I'm sure he was huddled up too.

zizzybob said...

Would you believe it, we didn't get a drop here in Ft Lauderdale and boy we sure could use some rain,

mom23boys said...

Wow, the sunset makes it all worth it. That's stunning! Glad you weathered the storm all right, though.

Miss Healthypants said...

Aww, poor Sadie!--she must have been SO freaked out!! :)

Glad to hear you're all alright! :)