Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking news....

Nothing like waking up in time to see the caption "Fire at local school" and realize the pictures they are showing are of your school! Apparently the fire was confined to only one classroom but there were about a dozen more that now have water damage. Despite the fire, classes will go on today. They worked thru the night to clean up the water damaged classrooms. I'm thinking the "bulk" of the action happened between 4:30 and 8:40 pm when we were at Nate's baseball game and then dinner,cause the school is so close that I can hear the PA system when I'm outside and I never heard anything. Richard says he saw police lights when he was on his way home from the game but thought they were at the park next to the school. The official story is here. The non firemen in the picture are our principal, asst principal and school secretary.
I have to say, this brings back some funky memories for me. When I was in the 9th grade (which waaay back then was Jr. High) my school had 3 fires. Only difference was that they were purposely set and it did close down the school each time. Got so that we'd watch the TV in the morning before getting ready for school to see if it was still standing! Oh, and as it turns out I knew two of the fire starters. They never did find out who the third was.

I'll be going by the school after my dental appointment to pick up some pastry samples that a rep sent to me in hopes of getting us to use their company for our fundraisers next year. And I hope this doesn't cancel movie night tonight. We are showing "Tale of Desperaux." I got to sneak preview the movie and really didn't like it ~ but it's always a fun time at the school after hours.

Update: The fire dept apparently got the call at 8:20 pm.


Sandra :) said...

It's fortunate that nobody was injured - I bet the kids were hoping that the school would close for the day, lol.

BTW - my son got to the post office for me on Wednesday (oh how I love having kids old enough to drive!) and mailed a wee envelope in your general direction - hopefully you'll get it next week!

mom23boys said...

FESS UP! Were you part of a cabal with the other two fire starters - BOTH of whom you ADMIT you KNEW? Were YOU the mystery arsonist?

I should just leave this anonymously to freak you out but I'm laughing too hard.

Miss Healthypants said...

One morning we woke up to hear that there was a fire in the Chicago River (on one of those wooden platform thingies--don't know what they're called), a block from our house.

You're right, there's nothing like waking up to hear that there's a fire in a place that you walk by (or are in) all the time.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow scary!