Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Weekend of Festivals

So this weekend was spent going to street fairs and art festivals. Saturday we went to Haymarket Day in downtown Haymarket Va.    Richard, the kids as well as Jen, Jeremy and the amazingly lovable Miss Charlie piled into our cars and made the 30 minute trip.
It was a beautiful day out. The weather was just about perfect. A great day to be outside and walking. Unfortunately the festival was, eh! Not much to see or do.

We did play a little bean bag toss, we listened to a couple of street bands. What they lacked in talent, they made up for in volume.
But in their defense, they were teenagers and the other teenagers seemed to like them.
There was the beer trucks, which are always a good thing. Makes everything else tolerable. Way to many "Romney" signs for me though.

 Julianne's favorite thing was the big ol bag of kettle corn we bought and scarfed half of on the way home.

Me, I enjoyed spending the day with my very favorite people.

Sunday Richard and I went to the Arts Festival in Leesburg. A lot closer and a lot classier.
Downtown Historic Leesburg is a great place to go regardless. Lots of great little shops and restaurants. Any given weekend you will find lots of folks wandering the streets and having a nice time.
Of course the price tags were much larger ~ but for those with disposable income $3500 paintings and sculptures were very nice.

Vendors were mostly from the area but some were out of state. We even found one from Florida.  Her pottery was beyond cool.

There were a couple of others I really liked and I'm hoping to do a post just on them soon.
Music was much better too.  These guys were very good.   It also helped to not have impatient children with us.  We were able to take our time, talk to some of the artists and really just enjoy the day and the beautiful weather.  I wish we had gone here on Saturday though so Jen and Jeremy could have joined us.  
Oh and Saturday we went to the high school football game. We won ~ 41 to 7. So far we are undefeated. Go Falcons!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh little Charlie is getting so big!! Such a cutie!

Sandra :) said...

OMG look how big she's gotten - she's the spitting image of her mom!