Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Bit Skunky

So who remembers this cutie? Pepe Le Pew was adorable. Everyone loved him and he was quite the lover himself. The best thing about Pepe though was that he was a cartoon and you couldn't smell him!

The real thing ~ not nearly as lovable. We've had a skunk (hopefully just one) that has apparently been visiting our house lately. We started noticing a skunk smell in or near our driveway whenever we get out of our car. We couldn't figure out what had happened. Was he still there? Did he spray the house?
Well apparently he sprayed the hedges just off the driveway outside our house. This is what happens to the shrubbery when it gets sprayed.

 I've looked up some "remedies" to get rid of the smell on the bushes but some of them are pretty nasty. I guess I'll keep looking.

 In the mean time I'm sure hoping I don't run into this guy. Did you know that skunks can spray up to 10 feet? Holy Cow.

 Since we've been working on trimming up the backyard I've noticed a few other places he (or she) has sprayed. Nasty smell and dead branches. Anyone know how to discourage these smelly pests from hanging around?


Dave said...

A dog will help win the war but will lose a few battles. Those battles really hurt!

Michele said...

It might actually be deer? especially around this time of year, the males have a really musky smell.

Just A Normal Mom said...

ACK! I wouldn't want to run into it either!