Friday, February 5, 2010

A very cool new project

I know I'm supposed to be working on stuff for the nursery but I happen to see the coolest project here and had to try it out immediately. And here is my result.. DSC08103
They are merely fabric circles gathered around these DSC08094 They were so easy and so much fun to make. It's gonna be hard not putting these everywhere.
Here's what the back looks like DSC08099 And they are mounted on the wall using double sided mounting squares.
Richard put them up for me tonight.DSC08100 I think it took longer to plan the layout (Julianne did the final layout) then it did to make them or put them up. I think I may add another row so it'll be 4 x 4. I also need to take a better picture so it shows the placement with the furniture etc.
I know they are a hit cause Richard wants me to make some smaller ones (in different fabrics, of course) for his office.
I think it's would be a very cool way for fabric shops to show off new fabric lines that come in ~ don't you?
Here are a few close ups of the fabrics I chose... DSC08108 DSC08107
In any case head on over to "Juicy Bits." She's got a great tutorial on these and shows a few different layouts. Don't forget to tell her I sent you!


Melissa said...

Those looks great!!! I never thought to use cake circles, what a good idea! I have done this with fabric and canvas stretchers to make rectangular fabric art "prints". It is such an easy and inexpesive way to add art to the walls. Love it!

Melissa said...

BTW - This is Mayla Melissa.

Buck said...

Barb -- sweet, Dear Barb.
I am so completely clueless to arts & crafts and anything tangible. That's just me.
I can only love how devoted you are to your hobbies and to your family.
Which I do. So very much.

You're a true gem.


Bella said...

Waaay Cool...I gotta do this...every day I have a fleeting thought of my blank wall(s)! and I think this one will get me in gear! Love it Barb!

Anna said...

I think I will try these out! Very cool idea.

Mary Ann said...

I saw this somewhere else, I can't remember, maybe tv and loved it there. Love it even more in your home.