Saturday, February 6, 2010

A few other things...

Like I said, I have been working on a few other things. The weekend before last was pretty darn busy. On the Friday I drove over to Tampa to meet MaryAnn's daughter, Hannah at the Tampa Airport.DSC08083 She had a 3 hour layover and so I went and met her for lunch. I was able to get a pass to go through the security area and hang out with her there. She's a wonderful girl and we had a great visit.

I took advantage of the fact that I was in Tampa to have a sewing gals night. I really do miss having my sewing friends around and so I drove over to Mary Catherine's, who just happens to live not far from the airport. Got to see what's new in her house. She's been renovating her house for a few years now and it's fun to see the progress she's made. These days she's sanding and refinishing all the doors in her house and then recovering her couch. I love seeing all the fabrics and colors she puts together.

Anyway... we met for dinner and then a sewing night at the quilt shop. I wasn't sure what I was going to work on so I ended up picking up the the Maggie pattern from Lazy Girl Designs. It's a cute little accessory bag that comes in two sizes. I also brought over a couple of pieces of fabric to work with. I now love making these little cases!DSC08092 DSC08093Turns out the larger size is just perfect for my camera that I take with me everywhere. And because it went together so quickly I made a little matching wallet. We then figured out that if we took the smaller one and made it just a bit longer it fits my cell phone. I haven't done that yet though. I can tell you that everyone at the shop that night ordered a Maggie pattern. I think these will be making some cool gifts for Christmas next year!

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