Sunday, February 7, 2010

I got to practice being Grammy

Have I ever told you about my Alex? Alex(andra) first came into my life back in 1996 or so. I was working at the YMCA in Raleigh NC. Alex and I both worked in youth programs ~ she was a leader for middle school and high school groups and I did all the year round school paper work ~ but we were both in the same tiny office. Tiny enough to really have to get along. I thought she was nice enough ~ funny ~ and just strange enough to be entertaining.
One day while I was in the hospital (recovering from a hysterectomy) I needed someone to pick Jen up and bring her to me at the hospital. I called all my "friends" at the "Y" who were all too busy with this that or the other to help out. But Alex happened to pick up the phone when I called my office and was more than happy to bring Jen to me. She also brought "Bob the Wonder Chicken" but that's a story for another time. I really appreciated that she came through for me when no one else did and we became fast friends.

I was able to repay her not too long afterwards. She had been living in an apt with two other girls (also Y employees) but they had moved and two young boys from the "Y" took their rooms. These boys were young and it was their first time not living with Mommy and Daddy. Suffice it to say that they got a bit wild ~ partying and drinking (did I mentioned they were counselors at the YMCA?) and Alex was put in very scary situation when some very drunken guys started banging on her door in the middle of the night. She needed to get out of there immediately. Richard, Jen and I ~ armed with a box fully of 29 gallon trash bags headed to her apt and had her moved out of there and into our home in record time. She quickly became a part of our family (she still calls me mom) and lived with us off and on for the next few years. She saw us through multiple kids (she's Julianne's godmother) and I saw her through multiple relationships.
The funny part is that so many people at the "Y" really though she was my daughter and Jen's sister. It didn't hurt that all three of us have red hair and blue eyes with gold rings around them. She actually looks more like me than she did her actual mom....and she could have been mine had I given birth to her in my mid teens!

In any case, Alex is now all grown up with a husband and two boys all her own. They just recently moved from Indiana to Philly ~ but they did come for a visit a few weeks ago. Adam had a conference at one of the Disney hotels so Alex and the boys came along. I drove over to Orlando on Friday and we went over to the Magic Kingdom. Here they are with Chip and Dale DSC08007 I hadn't seen Alex since Jen's wedding (almost 3 yrs ago)Bryce hadn't been born yet and Tyler wasn't even a toddler. Didn't matter to those boys. They knew I was family immediately... and I was in heaven!
The next day (Saturday) Jen and Jeremy drove down to our house (to leave the pups) and then we all went back over to Orlando.
It was so amazing to be all together again and my kids just fell in love with Tyler and Bryce and visa versa. We went over to Downtown Disney ~ had some dinner at "T-Rex" which seemed like a good idea at the time. It was LOUD! The restaurant is full of life size prehistoric creatures that all make noises and moveDSC08066 ~ not to mention the meteor shower that takes place inside every half hour. It was also a bit overpriced but the kids really did have a good time.

After dinner we strolled around Downtown, stopping at the largest Lego store I have ever seen. Nate helped Bryce on the slideDSC08069 while Julianne helped Tyler play legos.DSC08068
Both boys know a pretty girl when they see one ~ here they are both trying to hold Julianne's hands DSC08051
And Jeremy got in some baby practice as well DSC08048
Speaking of babies... Here's my two big girls DSC08034 Note the baby bump on Jen. She's 6 months pregnant in this pic.


And finally this... Here's the whole gang DSC08072 It was more than I could have asked for.

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Miss Healthypants said...

Looks like a wonderfully fun time! :) (And I'm still jealous of your nice weather there! *smiles*)