Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where is Fall?

I know it's supposed to be here, but it's 94 out right now and sure doesn't feel like fall is anywhere close to being here. I can't even bring myself to change the decor in my dining room to the fall stuff or put out Halloween decorations. The kids would love to have a pumpkin but it would rot from the heat in just days.
I shouldn't complain really. I got to go for a swim last night around 8:00 pm. I love swimming at night. Julianne sat by the pool and I quizzed her on state capitals while I floated. It was a beautiful night. The moon was just amazing BUT... I do like fall.
It makes me miss living in Raleigh. It's the time of year when I start making soups instead of salads. I get to put away the tank tops and wear 3/4" sleeves and jeans now and then. I like seeing the frost on the cars the first thing in the morning ~ and hot chocolate. I miss hot chocolate. If we still lived in Raleigh we'd be headed up to Blowing Rock in the next couple of weeks to see the changing of the leaves. Stop at a roadside stand for some fresh warm cider. The kids don't remember any of this so I think maybe next year we'll have to make plans to go up there in the fall....
Although Oct/Nov are the best times to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. It's when the rates are the cheapest and the weather is great. Still plenty warm to go snorkeling but the nights on the deck are cool enough to wear a wrap. Man, am I fickle or what. Not really ~ guess I just want it all!
So, where ever you are... what ever fall is like for you ~ I hope you enjoy it.


I, Robot said...

Good fall photos here:

Autumn Scenes - The Big Picture

Grandma Judy said...

No frost here yet, Barb! But it's getting cooler and the leaves are falling off the pin oaks. The squirrels are stealing my pecans green off the tree. That could mean that the winter might be colder since they're stocking up before they hit the ground. My Clematis vine is not giving up. The thing is actually blooming in defiance of Summer's fading light.

I wouldn't want to nix a CRUISE, but forgive me if I hope for "mountain vacation!" I would love to see you guys! Squeeze Julz and Nate for me!!!

Miss Healthypants said...

I'm not enjoying it so far! It got too cold, too fast here--today's high was about 45 degrees with a wind off the lake...brrrrr!!!!

I am once again jealous of you and your 90 degrees...just enjoy it while it lasts and pity your poor chilly friends up north! :)