Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I just can't stop...

These little pillow cases are addictive and I just can't stop making them.
DSC07417 DSC07416 DSC07415 DSC07414 DSC07413DSC07412 DSC07405
I sure do hope these will sell at the craft fair at the school. Well actually the last one with the puppies is for Jen and my MIL is buying 3 of them to give as gifts for Christmas. But the rest are up for grabs. My favorite is the retro birdies. If I didn't already have my flamingo one, I'd be keeping it.
I did get a custom order for this ..DSC07409 It's pretty darn big. It's for a friend's daughter to use as a sleepover bag. I also did a little zippered bag DSC07411to match just cause I really like this little girl.
I've also been working on new covers for Jen's couch pillows. I'll have to take pics after I bring them up to her this weekend. The colors are wine and champagne. Pretty cool, huh?


Danielle said...

Did you embroidery on the screen??

Barb said...

yeah I did... but it did it a bit abstract cause I didn't want her name to be that obvious.

Buck said...

I'll bet the one with the peace signs would look great under a black light.
Remember those??