Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been bitten by a bug

It's a selvage bug! Selvages (for you muggles) are the printed edges of fabric that have the name of the designer, manufacturer, color dyes, etc. For years I (and most sewers) have cut them off and thrown them away as we use our fabric because they typically have a different weave than the rest of the fabric and well, they are like the tags on your clothes and unless you are Minnie Pearl you don't want them showing.
That has all been changing lately. My first clue was when I saw this dress blogged about here. I thought it was ingenious but much more than anything I would ever attempt and still, I threw away my selvages. But then I started to see more and more selvage projects on the blogs I read and lo and behold, I was bitten. I think I'll start with something a bit simpler like this potholder. Shown here and directions for making this cute project (without the selvages) here. Some of the manufacturers are even selling bags of selvages now. Who would have guessed it?
The Selvage Blog is really the place to check out for all the projects she does and shows ~ but don't say I didn't warn you. You just may get bitten too. Well I'm off to see what I have in the way of selvages!


Bella said...

I always kept the long pieces of selvedge because I would use them as ties on gifts and fabric ....I have lots...maybe I should make something...or sell them...or swap them. They are cool all together.

Monnik said...

Oh my gosh, that dress is amazing!!

I'm giggling at you calling me a muggle. But I definitely am in the world of sewing... :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Who would have thought!

Philigry said...

oh, this has been on my mind too. i need to check out that website. ahh, so many projects, so little time!

Carol VR said...

Wow that's a piece of work!