Friday, March 20, 2009

Buttercup Bag

I've been working on a new bag to match my new jacket I bought a couple of weeks ago. DSC05946 I got the idea for the bag from here.
I did make some alterations. A couple of blogging buddies of mine made them already (Hi Sandra!) and some of the comments said it was a bit too small and I think someone mentioned it wasn't as stiff as they'd like so.... I have Buttercup 2.0. I made mine a couple of inches taller and about an inch wider across the bottom of the bag. I also ironed on a fusible for a bit more stiffness and in the piece that goes across the top I actually have some really stiff pelon. I put two pockets on the inside and decided to forgo the little doodad on the outside and doubled up a couple of cute buttons. DSC05953 Aren't they too perfect? I also made the strap long just cause I like it that way. I did get a bit fancy and put some "D" rings on the strap. I do think next time I will skip the magnetic snap and put in velcro instead.DSC05949
I really like the way it came out and would definitely make this bag again. Now I'm off to make a few matching accessories and I'll be all set!


Sandra :) said...

Barb yours is beautiful!!! Your changes are what I would change as well - and I really like your button embellishment - it's perfect! I actually liked the magnetic closure - I hadn't done one before and I was very pleased at how easy it was to put in - I'll be doing that again in the future!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

SO cute! Love the button!