Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not someplace I'd really want to be

I just finished reading a book called "Sweetwater Creek" by Anne Rivers Siddon. It's a different book than I've read before. It takes place in the low country of South Carolina. It's about a 12 y/o girl ~ a coming of age story. I've been reading it for a couple of days but there were times I thought I might just put it down and not finish it. It was not an easy read since it was a bit too dark for my taste. It was very well written and while reading the book I could almost smell the air coming off the river and feel all the things she felt, the connection with her dog, the confusion of trying to understand her family at her age, the grief she felt at losing her brother. This book definitely transported me to someplace else. I'm just not sure it's someplace I really want to be. But again, still very well written.

On a better note.. the kids started their 2nd week of school and without knowing it both of them dressed in "camouflage" pants and looked adorable. I purposely did not tell them that though for fear there would be a last minute wardrobe change and they'd be late for the school bus ~ yes I said school bus. No more 45 minute car pool lines for this mom! Can I get a Hallelujah!

Oh and dinner last night was "Baked Potato" night. I baked up 4 big ol potatoes and then served them up with all the fixins! I sauteed some mushrooms, steamed some broccoli, put out butter, sour cream and cheese. The kids really loved it and Julianne was especially pleased that there was no meat. She's never been a big fan of any kind of beef, chicken or pork and now her new best friend is a vegetarian so she's really having fits about it ~ Jen you want to step in here?

Just want to say a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my friend Gail in Tampa.

Well that's all the news from here ... would love to hear how your day was!


JGC said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog. Now it's just a matter of sitting back and watching the hits grow.

Trish said...

I'm glad to be able to keep up with y'all on a daily basis. The kiddos look really cute in their camo and I love Julz's haircut! It was still long when we saw you.

Audie said...

I am your procrastinator Dad. I have finally logged into your blog.
It's really a good thing you are doing. It's so much easier than haveing to keep up with who you told what to whom, especially when you have so many friends and relatives. Keep up the good work and keep the faith, I know everything will be back to normal soon.
Love to all, Dad