Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's just been one of those days!

It's just been one of those days today! Started off with me excited to tell you all about my new blog (even if I forgot to give you the link the first time!) and resulting in hearing from an old friend of mine that another old friend had passed away. It's someone I haven't seen in almost 20 yrs but still I feel bad for the loss.

Next I brought my van (otherwise known as "Goldilocks") into the shop for servicing because the brakes were squealing ~ BADLY. 5 1/2 hrs and $800 later my brakes are still squealing and it drives worse than it did before ~ guess where I'll be tomorrow morning. Now the 5 1/2 hrs ended at 3:30 which is bad since my kids get home from school at 2:45. Fortunately the one "friend" I have made in the neighborhood and whose phone number I have, got the kids from the bus stop for me. Phew, one crisis averted.

Had to ground Nathaniel yet again. The good news is he has all kinds of new friends here on our street... the bad news is he keeps forgetting that he needs to let me know WHICH FRIEND's house he is going to be at. He told me he was going to be across the street at Amanda's house with Julianne which he was for a time and then I realized that they (Julz &; Amanda) were back here at our house ~ where was Nathaniel? I was able to track him down and he said "Mom, I'm really really sorry" to which I replied "I appreciate that but you are still really really grounded!"

Richard got home early and thought it would be funny to tell me that he had been fired! Not so funny on this day (is it ever really funny?) but in reality it was just a mix up with his appointment at the bone cracker's. He did clean up a bunch of stuff in the garage (all those empty boxes Jen was supposed to use in her move to Alabama) and move the piles of stuff I left for him in the house into the garage so that was a plus. Thank you Honey!!
I decided since it was really hot and late, to pick up salads and sandwiches at Crispers. I didn't have their number to call ahead so I called directory assistance only to be told that there was no Crispers on Wickham Rd ~ now mind you, we've eaten there a half dozen times so in the car I hopped, drove over and placed my order, waited, got the food and drove home, only to realize THEY LEFT MY ORDER OUT!!!! So I call and the girl thought it was quite humorous ~ "Oh yeah, we gave it to someone else accidentally ~ did you still want it?" HELL YES! I paid for it, I'm hungry but aww crap, now I've got to drive back out there and get it. By the time I got back home from that I really wasn't hungry anymore!

I promise tomorrow's post will be "whine free"!

I'm just ready for the day to be over, hit the sack in our brand new bedroom set and start a new day tomorrow! So.... how was your day?

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