Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Day, Another Walk

So in a previous post we walked over to the cemetery and the LeFerve house. Today's walk is in a Wetlands Preservation Area. We see this area several times a week ~ it's across from our local grocery store and keep saying we really need to check it out...
So last weekend we did just that. It was a beautiful day, almost warm. The kids were not happy about it but despite that they actually enjoyed themselves.
Lots of what we call "laughing ducks" because the sound they make, especially en mass sounds like they are all having a great party and laughing. There are actually several species of ducks in this pond. It's fun to watch them, especially when they go under water with just their butts in the air.
Everything looks so different in the winter ~ I think it's kinda cool (literally!). It'll be interesting to see what it looks like in the different seasons.

It's not a very long walk ~ but lots of benches to sit and platforms that go out over the water to watch the ducks and the fish. It's really very peaceful and something I'm sure we will do again and again.

Of course we offset the peacefulness of the walk by going to the movies to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I really liked it, as did the rest of the family ~ even Nate, who really did not want to go! Without giving it away, the end of the movie was really an "aww!" moment. If you are a fan of the Mission Impossible movies, they really are best on the big screen rather than waiting for them to come out on DVD.


jillytacy said...

Sounds like you had fun! Winter is definitely a change both temperature wise and scenery wise. We finally have real snow. I was beginning to think we'd go all winter without it.

Sandra :) said...

Hmmmmmmm it seems winter in your end of town is a bit warmer than winter in OUR end of town, LOLOL - anybody here wearing shorts and/or a short-sleeved shirt would freeze their proverbial babushkas off!! ;)