Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seems Like It's Been Christmas For a While

What with the move to Virginia and then the move to the new house my blogging has been sorely neglected. Also neglected has been some public acknowledgments and thank-you's to some very wonderful people.

I've gotten some great giftees lately and I apologize in advance if I forget anyone...

Way back when I won this wonderful pattern from Michelle at Nostalgic Cafe I had all kinds of plans to make some for Christmas ~ but ya'll know that never happened. Maybe if I start on them now I'll have some for next year. They are super cute! I might even have to buy some of those snow babies to go with them!

I also got to meet up with the wonderful Sandra from Sandra Sews We've been online buddies for a while now ~ she lives in Canada (brrr!) and I was in Florida (ahhh!) but recently she and her equally wonderful hubby drove down to Pennsylvania to visit with some friends and I took the opportunity to drive up from VA to meet her in Hershey, PA.
She made me this wonderful "panty" bag filled with lots of goodies including some embroidered flamingos. She makes the most wonderful zipped bags and book thongs. I'm lucky to call her my friend and so glad we finally got to meet.

Oh, and Hershey, PA ~ I'm definitely going back. Probably in the spring... hit the amusement park, the caverns and definitely the Hershey factory. It's an adorable little town and it really does smell like chocolate!

Also got this wonderful lawn fairy (Tinkerbell of course) from my amazing friend Ann. Someday I'll have to tell you the story of how we became friends.. we still kid each other about it... but anyway... always thinking of others she found this while she was living on the coast of Oregon. It made the move back to Florida with her and at the end of last summer she managed a trip up to VA to visit with her inlaws and brought it up to me. How's that for determined to get a gift to a friend! She has/had a blog but hasn't written in a while... hint hint. Still check it out. She's got some beautiful pics on there. It's called A Day in the Life.

As I mentioned we moved to another house in October... That's a blog all on it's own! ~ but we got some great moving gifts that were completely unexpected. My wonderful MIL sent us this box of amazing chocolate covered fruit. Those didn't last long here at all! Who knew chocolate covered oranges were so incredible?
Our realtor sent us a lovely basket from Starbucks and the most surprising of all was the plant and lovely note from the previous occupants of the house
wishing us well and telling us how wonderful the house and the neighborhood is. We completely agree with them. It's been so nice being here and hope to stay put for the long run. And for those of you that know me, you'll be amazed to hear that the plant is still alive! Mostly cause Richard is taking care of it. I have a notorious black thumb.

I participated in a pin cushion swap hosted by the very talented Jill of Life With Nature Girl. The swap actually has a blog of it's own called Crafty Bits Swap Spot. This is the second swap I've participated in and it's been so much fun.
Laura was my partner this time and she sent me a wonderful package including a calorie-less doughnut. So cute. I didn't take a picture of the complete package that I sent but here's the pincushion I made for Laura.
It's a miniature of the octopus I taught years ago with a stryofoam head for the pins. And if that wasn't fun enough our hostess Jill was sweet enough to make this little set for me
She is so talented and generous! There is no way I could put pins in this. It's too cute. They are siting on my sewing table and make me smile every time I see them.

My birthday this year was wonderful and I will post about the party weekend but wanted to include this great piece of fabric my best ever friend Mary Ann sent me. I'm not putting this into my stash. I'm actually going to make something just for me out of it. Not sure what yet but it sits patiently on my desk waiting. She also sent me the most amazing bracelet that she made. I didn't take a pic of it before sending it back to her to be resized. Silly women thought I had tiny wrists instead of the unusually large wrists that I actually have. Once it comes back though I'll get a pic to show you. It's BEAUTIFUL!

Well ~ I'm sure I've left something out ~ and for that I apologize. I've truly been blessed with some amazing and wonderful friends and for each of you, I am so grateful. On this New Year's Eve I wish you all the happiest and healthiest of times and look forward to many more adventures with all of you!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love the pin cushions, how fun! I have a Starbucks cup like one in that gift and it's my favorite cup.

Karen said...

Love the octopus! Glad you got to meet Sandra...she's just awesome, as are you. Missed the last 'move'...I want to see pics of the guys always find the best houses! Happy New Year!

Michele said...

There's also a quilt show in Hershey every year end of summer - don't want to miss that!

Sandra :) said...

It was delicious to meet up with you - that zipper place will never be the same ... LOLLLLLL!!! I'm already making notes of more zippers I need as I've plowed through all of some of the colours I picked up!