Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post Number 600!

So Saturday Rich, the kids and I met up with Jen, Jeremy &; Charlie at the 44th Annual Maryland Seafood Festival in Annapolis. We were really looking forward to it. My niece Danielle made Charlie the most adorable little crab shirt and sent me some crab fabric which I used to make her matching pants. Unfortunately that was pretty much the best part of the day.
It was hot ~ I mean Steamy hot. It had been raining for the week prior to the festival which meant the ground was a mess. It was muddy with huge puddles everywhere. Silly me wore sandals. White sandals even! Don't know what I was thinking but they are no longer white! The crowd was insane. The lines for the food (which wasn't particularly good) were longer than the lines to get on a ride at Disney. At least it seemed that way.. and so overpriced. So hot, crowded, over priced, wet and bad food.

I will say the view at the festival is nice. It's right on the Chesapeake River ~ looking out at the scary Bay Bridge. Did I ever tell you I have a real phobia about really high bridges, especially those that curve. Did you ever notice there are always scrape marks on those curves? How scary is that..... anyway, I digress..
Ah, but there were craft booths. That should make me feel better, right? Wrong. I had actually gone with the thought of maybe getting a craft booth next year but for $325. for the weekend I wanted to chat with some of the vendors and see if it was really worth it. The craft booths were equally as bad. Nothing of real interest ~ candles, jewelry and paintings. The booth area was also crowded and soggy even though it was under a tent. People were hot and cranky and I really didn't see anyone purchasing much of anything.... so after all this we decided it was time to go. Poor Richard was drenched with sweat. Julianne was whining that she was going to throw up and Nate was just down right cranky.
Jen made the suggestion that we all get our hand stamped and leave the festival and go somewhere to get a real bite to eat and hang out for a while... which is what we did and that was really nice.
Charlie ~ what can I say ~ I'm so in love with that child. She was being so cute and just screaming with laughter. Keeping us all amused ~ and us doing anything we can to amuse her as well. Through all of this ~ she was a real trooper.
About 5:30 we left the restaurant. Rich, the kids and I went back home.
Jen, Jeremy & Charlie went back to the festival. The whole reason they were going in the first place was to see the concert by "Cowboy Mouth." They said it was much cooler when they went back and that the concert was fantastic. Charlie even got a drum stick and her picture taken by the lead singer. Do you see the look on Charlie's face? How funny is that!

In any case ~ I, for one, won't be going back next year!


Nancy said...

Charlie wins the cute outfit contest! Right down to the snappy red sandals to go with the crab design. Heat + humidity + long lines + bad food + mud does not equal the best time. But you got to see that you don't want to have a vendor booth there anyway.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

wow she's so big now!

I hate when stuff that is supposed to be fun just turns out to be miserable. The heat will surely do that to me.

Sandra :) said...

Awwwwwwwwww sorry you had a crappy time, but it looks like you saved yourself $325 for next year - lucky!

Charlie looks adorable - do you have a bigger version of that last picture? It's really tiny!

jillytacy said...

Charlie is so cute!
I know what you mean about high bridges. I hate them too! Bridge with curves are super scary!

jillytacy said...

You are probably up to your ears in moving boxes right now! i e-mailed partner info for the swap and wanted to make sure you got it.