Saturday, September 10, 2011

Panda Swap 2011

So last month Julianne and I participated in an "on-line" swap. The theme of the swap was Panda's.
Basically you send your info (age, likes, etc) to the swap host ~ in this case Jill of "Life With Nature Girl."
She then matches everyone up and assigns partners. Julianne was matched up with a 14 y/o girl living in Louisiana. The rules of the swap were simple. There should be at least one handmade item with all other items being panda or the black & white theme. The hunt was on for panda fabric as well as other themed items. Here's what we ended up sending..... Hot pink was one of the colors Julianne's partner said she liked with black and white so we went with it.... I made the Panda travel pillow and Julianne made her some pink/black/white beaded bracelets. We also included a little stuffed panda, a panda charm, and a little panda bag. Some black/white/pink school supplies (notepad, pens & wipe off board), some fun socks and topped it all of with pop rocks!

And here is what Julz got from her swap partner... a cute crochet panda, a panda timer, necklace, and a bookmark. Lots of fun stuff like boa's pink/black/white nail polish and a giant "J" covered in glittery peace signs.

It was a lot of fun and the best part is that we got to meet some new friends.

As a "thank you" I made both Jill and Nature girl some matching screen bags with the left over panda fabric. If I do say so myself, they turned out pretty stinking cute. I hope they like them.

And now we can't wait for the next swap.


Nancy said...

Fun stuff! You did great assembling the collection of swap items. Your panda screen bags... outstanding!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

How fun! When I was in 4th grade my mom signed me up for a pen pal through a sticker club. That girl and I wrote to each other for years and years!

Sandra :) said...

Pretty stinkin cute INDEED - all the projects are adorable, but those panda screen bags are THE BOMB!

jillytacy said...

Thanks for participating in the swap. And a giant thank you for spoiling us. You shouldn't have, but we love our bags!!! I need to track down the pictures to post and send a proper thank you. I'm not sure which phone or camera they are on.
I hope to post the next swap in the next few days and I have another idea in mind for the end of October that will be more kid exciting.