Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time with Miss Charlie

I've been missing my little Smoosh something awful. I hadn't gotten to see her since Easter which in Grammy years is an eternity.
Jen and I Skype which is nice but resulted in Charlie thinking her grandmother lives in the computer. So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to get to spend 9 whole days with the most adorable baby on the planet!

Mind you, some of those days were so very sad, yet in the saddest of moments, she made us all smile. We just couldn't help ourselves, she's just so damn cute!

She loved getting to play with her second cousins
And have Auntie Julz at her beck and call.

Lots of time playing with Grammy (and my stretchy bracelets) in the hotel and chillin' with all of us

I got to go to her Baby Gym class which was so unbelievably cute

Had an outing at Marineland where we saw lots of dolphins

Even had some one on one time while mommy and daddy went out on a date.  They clean up nice, don't they?

So have I gotten my fill of this little girl? Not even close.... August can't get here fast enough!


jillytacy said...

Charlie is ADORABLE! It will be so nice for all of you when she's closer.

Sandra :) said...

Gee Grammy - it doesn't look like you had fun with her at ALL!!! J/K - Miss Charlie is one lucky little redhead - she's going to have such wonderful childhood memories!

jbcwriter said...

Awww! Smooshy misses you, too!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Super cute :)