Monday, July 4, 2011

The Importance of Cousins

I didn't grow up with my cousins. Joey and I lived in Florida ~ most of them lived in New York. She and I did stay with them a couple of summers. There were a few rare visits here and there but it was funny ~ I still felt a connection to them. Thanks to our cousin Linda and email and now Facebook, we've all started reconnecting. So, when I had the chance to go see a lot of them last month I jumped at it.
There are a lot of us Granger cousins. Our parents were seven brothers and sisters resulting in 17 of us. Here are 7 of us (missing the other 10) at my cousin Jimmy's house in Jersey. I got to meet a lot of their kids for he first time and our kids made friends. It really was wonderful.  Now that we live in No. Va I'm hoping to see them all much more often. Here is one I do get to see more regularly.. My cousin Nate lives 10 minutes from me now so I also got to see his sister Susan for the first time in 11 yrs.

And now comes a new generation of cousins. This is my niece Danielle with her Abbi, my niece Trish with her Maddie, my daughter Julianne and my daughter Jen with her Charlie. Again these girls didn't really grow up together but thanks to Facebook are really close. I was so happy to have them all together and to see how naturally they just clicked. They have vowed to get together much more often ~ which won't be easy seeing as how they live in Alabama, Texas, Virginia and soon to be Maryland ~ but I'm betting they'll make it work... After all ~

they are cousins. 


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I've been connecting with a lot of my cousins on Facebook too! Most of them are 2nd cousins but still fun to talk to everyone and get to know them.

Sandra :) said...

It's so important to stay in touch with family, but with distances and busy schedules it does get harder every year. My own family is 5 hours away so I don't see them as often as I would like, but fortunately an email only takes a second to reach them! We get together with hubby's family almost every month - that's a tradition I'm glad to be passing on to our kids!

jbcwriter said...


Jim.. said...

cousins are friends forever BArb. Love ya