Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Lovely Shrimp Recipe

On our recent trip to VA we got to see (and share a meal) with my cousin Nate (not to be confused with my son) and his wife Doris. I can't believe I'm actually going to be living just minutes from one of my cousins since I basically grew up mostly without them.
I only remember seeing Nate twice when I was growing up. He was older and his parents were divorced. He lived with his mom most of the time so even when my sister and I spent the summers in NY, he wasn't usually around.
It wasn't until I attended his father's funeral (my mom's brother) that we reconnected. At the time I lived in Raleigh so it wasn't a bad drive at all.. and we got up to see him a couple of times. He and Doris have two beautiful girls and a very handsome son and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better.

DSC01667Okay.. so back to the shrimp... Doris had set out a wonderful spread of foods for us to dine on but my favorite was the shrimp. This is actually quite funny since up until a couple of years ago I wouldn't have touched shrimp with a ten foot pole.  Now, I really enjoy it.  It was a cold shrimp salad with tons of shrimp, cut up tomatoes and onion with lemon on it. Simple yet delicious!
I made my own version of it this week. It looked pretty and Richard enjoyed it but silly me threw in a few changes and it wasn't nearly as tasty as Doris's.
I used red onion (which Richard prefers) for the color but I think it was a bit too strong for this dish AND I used lime juice which I usually prefer over lemon. It should have been lemon. I did use both red and yellow tomatoes which were fine but I think once we move to VA I will try making this again, maybe under Doris' directions!  I'll let you know how it goes!


quiltingnana said...

sounds like a great salad...I like cold shrimp in salads

jillytacy said...

The salad does look pretty. My food tastes have changed now that I'm an adult but I still don't like shrimp or seafood. My husband would love it.

Miss Healthypants said...

From the picture, it looks quite delicious! :)

If you want a really good (hot) shrimp dish, check out this one from--of course--my friend Jonathan *smiles*:

It is sooo yummy! :)